Thursday, March 8, 2007

Re: Cards?

struggled very long over this... couldn't settle the color combinations... i design it in such a way that it brings out what most guys thought... "sometimes i do not show it, but deep within, you know i love you!" the top part is smaller cos i wan focus ont he bottom, and the top they are standing apart, but the bottom the are kissing... ...and censored(not on purpose) and the moon becomes a heart.... sweet?

[coments: moon too bright, too many stars, fonts not clear, too much reflection, appropreiate folding can be used to bring out the card]

i couldn't make up my mind for the first card. then when i woke up at 9:30am on tutorial day, i suddenly had this idea to make flowers n butterfly. dunno y. so i gave it a try. the flowers are actually sakura(cherry blossom) and represent autumn, which i feel is a more romantic period. made up the so-called "poem" as well... haha...

[comment: the colors are too similar, like milk shake blended together, words color change to maybe white, colors too dark]

guess there's alot more to do... haha...

Re: Poster... New Ideas...

had a new idea for the poster... same theme "save childhood buddies", but change the pic to a single wounded bear... more simple, straight to point... hope can make it better... =)

another idea is change to "save the dreams"... its mostly abt paper chase now so i thought kids shld be given the freedom to dream... stop the paper chase!!